Betty Reez
James Corbin - Portland - "I am a Maine native, home of the whoopie pie so to speak and I have enjoyed my fair share of whoopie pies. I stopped in at the local Coffee Roasters where I purchased one of your pies. I have to say that not only is this the best tasting whoopie pie I have ever had I had to go back and try all the flavors day after day. I did not find one I did not like. I will probably always purchase one of these pies when I see it in the store as they are irresistibly good. Thank you BettyReez!"
Alicia Brooks - Yarmouth - "Hi, I just want to let you know that I first had your whoopie pie at Pat's Pizza in Yarmouth and I had to include them in my wedding. We were not sure what to leave for our guests as a welcome gift and this gave us an idea. We left one of your pies at each seat for the reception. We just felt we needed something for the guests. We were extremely surprised when this turned out to be the highlight of the meal. Everyone commented on these pies and some of our guests from out of state now want us to ship them regularly. Great job on these pies BettyReez."
John Burghardt - Gorham - "Everyone knows that I am a sucker for a good whoopie pie. Well, one day someone gave me one of your whoopie pies and I have not found a better pie to date. Not only does this pie have bursting flavor, but the texture and consistency of these pies can turn your day around. The packaging for this pie is gourmet which makes me feel bad about wolfing these delicious treats down, but who can help themselves, WOW. If you do anything in Maine, work, play, visit, you must try one of these pies. I have not found better. Thank you BettyReez!!"